Prof. Refat Abdelhalim Alfaouri

Director General

Curriculum Vitae

The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) is a leading non-profit organization affiliated with the League of Arab States which was founded in 1961 with the mandate of promoting and advancing administrative development in the Arab region.  Inspired by the shared objectives and principles of member countries in the League of Arab States, ARADO strategic focus stems from the Joint Arab Economic and Social Action Strategy which aims at enhancing socio-economic development and increasing the efficiency of Arab administration in various development sectors in the Arab region.


Located at the heart of Cairo in Egypt, with a branch in U.A.E., ARADO has pioneered professional development education for more than half a Century, with its unique range of programs and services which combine practical experience with a global mindset that stems from long-standing partnerships with leading regional and global institutions.


Over the last decades, ARADO has built its reputation as a leading pan-Arab house in institutional development in the region, on a firm commitment to excellence, passion for delivering outstanding results, and dedication to broadening Arab researchers and practitioners exposure and access to international experience, while adjusting to the specificity of the Arab region. 


ARADO financial resources consist of annual contributions of member states according to established quotas; annual membership fees of national and regional organizations; capital investments; and returns from consultancy and other services, donations and Grants.  Membership in ARADO is open to Arab countries accredited by the League of Arab States, Arab administrative development institutions, development agencies and consultancy organizations.  ARADO relies for the planning and implementation of its activities on a team of distinguished staff and network of specialized Arab and international experts and practitioners in all fields of administrative development.


ARADO adopts Total Quality Management (TQM) as its quality improvement strategy to deliver excellence and exceed stakeholder expectations.  People, systems, programs, processes and technology are core tenets for such improvement.   ARADO is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, for which it undertakes regular assessment and review of its activities, programs and services to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders.


TQM implementation in the Arab Administrative Development Organization is achieved to support the following quality improvement efforts for:-


       Strengthening its people capacity, systems and programs to meet the requirements of becoming a regional accreditation body for advancing institutional excellence and executive education in the Arab Region through strategic alliances with leading certification bodies, partnerships with regional and international institutions, and new business development projects;


        Promoting a better understanding of the concept of Total Quality Management and its application to member countries of the League of Arab States by organizing and delivering events on TQM in key development sectors; and,


        Fostering competition among public and private sector institutions and academia by instituting a number of awards for excellence such as (i) Tatwij Award for excellence in leadership and institutional performance; (ii) The Sharjah Award for best doctoral thesis in Administrative Science in the Arab region; (iii) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management; and (iv) The e-Government Web Award.


 ARADO will continue to pursue quality improvement of every aspect of its work to meet international standards of excellence and maintain its pivotal role as a pan-Arab house working to advance administrative development in the region and worldwide.


Today, ARADO professional development programs and services influence the lives of thousands of Arab men and women by enhancing their local capacity, helping them achieve sustainable performance breakthroughs, and developing the professional skills that are critical for success in the global economy.


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